2019 Travel Plans

As one year closes and a whole new year arrives I always get excited about the travel plans ahead.

Last year we had a big change (and a huge expense) as we moved to our forever home and started the project of turning a home that was a bit battered and bruised into something we love and nurture.  With the move and renovations we knew we had to tighten our purse strings where travel was concerned.

The thought of that makes my world seem smaller and I start to feel like I might hyperventilate but fear not I am OK as we started to think about how we could maximise our time, minimise our expenditure and still have some amazing trips as a family discovering new places.

So what is in the calendar already


During a night out with some of the school mums later last year over a little too much red wine we decided on a little trip away.  It needed to be somewhere we could get to quickly and just have a fun time.  So we are heading to Belfast, just for a night and there is likely to be zero culture but lots of food, cocktails and dancing.  The WhatsApp group is already fired up.

One expense I think was worth investing in is our annual ski trip.  It has only been two years we have been doing this as a family – but we love it and I  really want this to continue.   Mr TWB was still hesitant as it is such a costly holiday and with Easter being late didn’t want to risk going then when it is better value for money so it meant that I had to get super savvy and explore all opportunities.

I was thrilled that I managed to source a trip to Les Deux Alpes in the February half-term right on budget.  I did this by booking it all independently with Jet2.com, ESF Ski School and the hotel is La Belle Etoile who are helping to organise the passes and equipment.  I even managed to get private lessons for us all included in the price.  When presented with the deal my husband had no choice but to agree.


Easter school holiday will be upon us and late this year but days will need filling to stop the choruses of “I’m bored”.   As a full time working mum I am blessed in that Mr TWB is a teacher so I don’t have the stress of sorting out holidays clubs etc. but also get envious of the time they get to spend together so it means we really try to make the most of the days off I have.

Currently we have nothing planned but I think a couple of long weekends might do the trick.  I have been meaning to take advantage of one of the deals at Stay Play Explore where you get a night B&B at a decent hotel and entrance to 3 activities in the area.  They currently do this in Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire and the activities look great.  Prices start at £149 so great value.

I also fancy a trip over to Wales seeing as it is so close.  We have been trying to get walking more and it is indeed one of my 2018 goals.  Tackling Snowdon has been on my to do list for what seems like forever and recently  I have also taken inspiration from a few blogs about doing this with little legs and after reading articles from Get Out With The Kids and Live for the Outdoors  this has spurred me on somewhat.


Last year we were blessed on the first bank holiday Monday  with pretty spectacular weather so loaded up the tent and headed to Northumberland.  Hopefully the sun will be shining again and we will under Canvas again. We had to cancel an trip to the Lakes in August so hopefully this will be a time we can make it back.

At the end of May Mr TWB and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and the three of us are heading to the South of France.  We are staying with Canvas Holidays at the Le Petit Mousse campsite.  It is a part of France I haven’t visited before so I cannot wait to see what it has to offer.

My husband and I met 23 years ago working on a campsite in France and whilst it is not the original site we felt it would be like going back to where it started.  We have done a number of Eurocamp and Canvas Holidays over the years and love the freedom it offers.


At the end of the month and spilling into August we are heading to Thirsk to enjoy another weekend with lots of friends at Deershed Festival.  Instead of heading home for a well earned shower, this year, we are packing the tent up and have booked a cosy cottage in Whitby for a couple of days with AirBnB so we can get clean and organised and then head to the coast for a few more days camping.

At the end of the month we are meeting up with Mr TWB’s brother and family for a week on a canal boat around Warwickshire with Waterways Holidays.  I did this with a group of friends in my twenties and it was so much fun.

That is all we have sorted so far so despite thinking we were thin on the ground for travel I am pretty excited about our plans for the year so far and there is still the back end of the year completely empty.

I intend to make the most of our weekends and make sure the memory bank is filled.

I would love to hear your plans for 2019.


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