New Year Goals – 2019

New Years resolutions – we set them and then we fail  (well I do anyway) – I set the same targets most years – lose weight, get to the gym, set a fitness goal, be more organised and then come the end of January I am giving myself a hard time as I am already feeling like I am failing.

So I decided toward the end of the 2018 that I was not going set new years resolutions – but goals – not things unachievable but things to enjoy and be proud of plus I am making them simple ………

1) Be kind to myself

What does this mean?.  Rather than set myself a target of being a size 10/12 by a certain time  I need to just take care of myself, eat better healthier food that makes me feel good about myself and celebrate any achievements that come as a result of that.


However, I also need to understand that I am human too and that we all like the little luxuries/treats in life.  I love red wine, gin, cheese, chocolate and cake and whilst they may not be super healthy I will enjoy them but make sure I also feed my body with other good stuff.  They key is I will NOT give myself a hard time as a result of enjoying things but try to keep it in moderation.

2) Monthly pamper

I am not talking a spa-day every month but a bit of ME time.  Be that a haircut, a pedicure, facial or indeed a spa-day –  I need to take time out for ME.  I constantly put these things off as I feel I need to go shopping, clean the house, do some ironing, take Ella to some class etc, etc, etc, yet when I do indulge I feel so much better for it.


So I am getting it in the diary at the beginning of each month and making this happen – no excuses.

3) Twice weekly exercise

Similarly to point 1) I am not going to set myself unrealistic exercise targets of going to the gym every other night and then feel bad when I don’t do it.   I need to make myself stronger but this can be done in a number of ways.  I just need to commit a couple of days a week to get my heart racing and this could be a good bike ride with the family on a weekend or swimming in addition to a visit to the gym. gym

4)  Visit somewhere new every month.

Now as a travel addict of course  I would love this to be a new travel experience overseas but whilst I currently have to work to fund these trips and therefore do not have unlimited holidays  – it is highly unlikely.

go somewhere new

I just need to go somewhere new or do something I/we  haven’t done before.  This could be a new activity, a new National Trust Property, a new museum, restaurant, theatre, town, city and hopefully country as long as we have not been before.  I cannot wait to start exploring and sharing these stories.

5)  Get out walking

As Ella is getting older we are able to plan longer walks without her complaining after the first 20 minutes.  She is keen now to get her walking boots on and go exploring so we just need to find some great walks and see this beautiful countryside of ours.


In addition one of my colleagues and I agreed to bring in our trainers to work and at least twice a week get out of the office for a bracing 20 minute walk.  We are two weeks in and loving our time out – a good natter and some fresh air puts us in the right frame for the afternoon.

I think my 5 goals are realistic but more to the point I know I will get great enjoyment out of achieving these.  When I look back at the end of 2019 I want to say I did it and have no regrets.

I would love to hear your goals and what will give a positive vibe to your life.





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