I am a 40 something professional, wife, mummy and absolute travel nut.  If I don’t have a few trips on the horizon I start to hyperventilate.  I think it is what gets me through the day and working in the travel industry just adds to my obsession.

I am lucky enough to have travelled extensively – during a post-uni round the world adventure, during numerous trips with hubby pre-Ella, and now with our gorgeous bundle of fun.  She has definitely adopted the itchy feet syndrome and is constantly asking to add new countries to our travel list.

I am constantly adding to my “Living List” and get inspired to add to it pretty much everyday.  I try and visit at least one country every year and at 46 countries to date.  I rarely visit the same place twice but then again each place gives me reasons to return (I just try it a different way).

I decided to write this more as a travel journal that I can look back on with Ella and remenisce about our fun times as a family.  If anyone else enjoys it or gains any helpful hints then that is just an added bonus.

Next stop – camping in the Lakes and South of France

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Clare xxx