How to get the most out your annual leave in 2019

You may be a parent of a pre-schooler, child at school or even without children but love to travel.  If like me you like to make the most of your 20-25 days annual leave and never feel it is enough then check out some ideas below for maximising your time away by incorporating our beloved bank holidays in to your travel plans.

Easter Holidays

This year Good Friday and Easter Monday fall on the 19th and the 22nd April.  If you are not restricted to school holidays then try the followingeasterhead

13th – 28th April – gives you 16 days holiday for only 8 days annual leave

If you are restricted to school holidays depending on when they start then

6th to 22nd April – gives you 17 days holiday for only 9 days annual leave

May Bank Holidays

In 2019 these fall on the 6th and the 27th May.

You could be clever and move your Easter holidays by booking  the following

19th April to 6th May – gives you 18 days holiday for only 9 days annual leave


You could choose to take 2 long weekends over the bank holidays

4 to 6th May and 25th to 27th May  – giving you 6 days holiday for 0 days annual leave

or finally take a little longer but utilising the days off

4th to 12th May – giving you 9 days holiday for 4 days annual leave


25th May to 2nd June – giving you again 9 days holiday for 4 days annual leave.

August Bank Holiday

This Summer Bank Holiday falls on 26th August.


Similarly to May you could choose to take the long weekend

24th to 26th August – giving you 3 days holiday for 0 days annual leave

or maximise your time off by taking

24th August to 2nd September – giving you 9 days for 4 days annual leave

Christmas and New Year


Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day this year fall on Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Wednesday 1st.  In a typical business the 23rd, 24th, 27th, 30th and 31st are working days but if you are permitted to take these off then you will find your time off being hugely inflated.

21st December to 1st January – giving you 12 days for 5 days annual leave

So if you are not restricted to school holidays and get 25 days holiday you could be really savvy and actually cram a whopping 55 days holiday into this time.  That is more than double.

You get a few less for school aged children but still plenty of additional days if you book smart.

A travel hint would be that if your timetable allows then try and fly on the night before – therefore maximising the time away.  Don’t waste precious holiday days travelling.

Now all this talk of holidays is making me want to go and book something.

Happy travels x

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