Little Miss @ Little Mix


So in December 2016 I managed to secure tickets for my Little Mix mad little girl for their Glory Days tour.  Only down side it wasn’t until October so there was a long 10 months to wait and I only hoped she would still be a fan.  We had decided to leave it until her birthday in the August to tell her otherwise she would be asking pretty much daily/weekly how long to go.

The upside was that the lovely girls/promoters of this tour thought about their fan demographic and decided to put on matinee performances at some of their arenas which is just fabulous for the younger fans as the late nights can wipe them out and they lose some of the excitement in their exhaustion.

So come August and on our holiday in Italy we let Ella know and any doubts that she had shifted her allegiance from the fab female four were quickly dismissed and she was totally over the moon.  Best birthday ever!!!!

So roll on a couple more months and the day had arrived.  Her gorgeous big brother had bought her a Little Mix T-shirt and with her outfit chosen we jumped on the train to Leeds.


Now Ella is a shopper even at the age of 7, goodness knows how I will cope when she hits her teens, with some birthday money left over she decided to hit the kids haven of Smiggle.  I think she may have still been there today had I not had to physically drag her out of the neon hell-hole.

We had planned our day so we headed to Almost Famous for a nice burger and an “awesome shake”.  Ella loved it here – in particular the table of sweets.  It is a cool place and the food is pretty good too with the added bonus of them being totally kid friendly.  With her t-shirt and excitement they only stoked this by making a real fuss of her and saying how they wanted to come too.

So finally, we got to First Direct Arena and the crowds were immense.  Security was super tight which, whilst some found frustrating, I found reassuring.  It is only a few months since the Manchester attack and I want Ella to be safe and feel safe.  I want her to have the same thrill I have had over the many years I have been going to see live music.

Once we were in we headed to the merchandise stalls and I handed over a fortune for a hoodie but I knew she loved it and seeing her face when they handed it was worth it.  Purchase made we headed in to find our seats.  We had pretty cool seats so were happy where we were and sat and watched the opening act however, all the kids were just impatient to see their idols.

Finally, Little Mix came on stage and for the next hour they danced, sang, entertained and whipped the fans into a frenzy.  Ella never took her eyes off the stage and was captivated by the whole performance.  She was seeing her idols and singing and dancing away and it was the cutest thing to see.

Now, I must point out at this stage that I went as the Mummy of a Little Mix fan and left a Little Mix fan.  They really were brilliant.  Putting on a brilliant show from the moment they came on right to the very last note.

We left the arena and I had one very happy little girl.  Dreams do come true!!!


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