London Town with my gal

So whilst the mister was on one of his bi-annual University Catch ups – mini-me and I decided to hit the capital for the day.

We took advantage of the Virgin Trains £10 each way ticket and made plans for our trip. Being the UK we did have to plan for wet weather but I had some ideas and Ella, who loves the capital, was excited about out day.

So turns out that Virgin also offer a new app that is brilliant for keeping the little ones occupied on the train.  Games, movies and tv-show are available on Virgin Beam.  You do have to download the app before boarding but once on board you are good to go (just remember the headphones).

London 1

So from Euston we headed straight to Greenwich.  We walked up to the Observatory and I tried my best to explain all about GMT (not sure how much went in).  We didn’t pay to go in as we only had the day in London and wanted to see a few bits – definitely one for another time though.  Plus it was a gorgeous day so we grabbed a drink and took in the view.  Afterwards we headed down towards the indoor market which Ella always loves wandering around.  She loves all the crafty stuff and just seeing what was around one mans tat and all that!!!!   We then grabbed a quick snack to share and then headed to the waterfront where there was loads of street entertainers to pass a bit of time whilst we munched.

London 4.JPG

It has been a long time since I have been in Greenwich and have never been on the Cutty Sark (either before the fire or since) so we decided to take advantage of the 2-FOR-1 offers you get when travelling by train.  It was great, really interactive and informative without being “boring”.  The restoration has been done so well and I would definitely recommend a visit.


We were so lucky this particular day as there was an Arts Festival on with tons of activities in and around the area, from crazy, arty street poets to quirky sing-a-longs and some retro games (giant size).  We managed to take in quite a bit of this during the day and all whilst the sun was shining – London at its best.

So when we had decided to go to London, mini-me had asked for a boat trip so after the Cutty Sark we booked a trip back along the Thames which should see us back at Westminster in time for us to casually get back to Euston for our train home.  (More of that almost disaster later).  We again took advantage of a 2 FOR 1, sorted the time and then rushed a quick dinner and boarded the boat.

So, we set off, sun shining and ready to chill our boots.  Then the heavens opened.  Cue a full top deck making their way below deck, squashed soaking and then the boat decides to take it easy.  We arrived (after not seeing much) at Westminster 45 minutes late and a chance of missing our “advanced” ticket back up North.

London 5

So I am not a runner – and my girl is 6.  But we legged it.  Must have looked like we were being chased the way we were going.  All the while laughing like idiots.  We fell on the tube both hearts racing but giddy and happy.

Luckily we made it back with about 5 minutes to spare.  We snuggled up, talked about our best parts of the day and enjoyed our relaxed journey home.

There are so many things to do and so many good deals to be had so making sure we take advantage of these offers results in some great days out without having to spend the night away in an expensive London Hotel.  Already looking forward to the next.




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